E1B18 / Belgium / Manufacturer/ bedding

For over 30 years, Kreamat NV has developed an identity based on the design of unique bed systems creations. The 100% Belgian Kreamat Original Beds is a company that focuses on personalisation for the customer. For many years, Kreamat has represented creative, original technology, ergonomics, and design.


Thanks to this approach, the company is doing great and has been able to take on a unique identity within its market segment. Various developments are taking place via continuous partnership agreements and research with, among others, spin-off companies from the KUL University and the PXL Hasselt college. Thanks to this progressive, original thought process, Kreamat isn’t limited to standardised solutions. This results in sleeping comfort that has successfully taken its place among various shop-in-shop formulas internationally, including in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, etc.