E3C36 / Foshan, China / Manufacturer/ Contemporary furniture

Linksea Furniture located in Chaoshan industrial district of XiqiaoNanhai Area Foshan city, Guangdong Province, China. Its head office based in Australia Sydney, created by overseas Chinese in Australia Mark Jiang which back in the end of the twentieth century. After near fifteen years of hard work, Mr. Jiang and his team already builded ‘Linksea’ into a well-known brand of furniture in Australia. There are three specialized warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, linksea products sell well all over the Australia, moreover, linksea maintains a year-round friendly relations of cooperation with many local famous furniture groups.


Later Mr. Jiang established Linksea China branch which is a plate-typed furniture company involved R&D, design, production, marketing and services. Linksea China branch not only based on the domestic market while also keeps eyes on global environments. It grasps the direction of the trend keenly, as well as blends the eastern and western cultural elements ingeniously. Linksea has always respected concept that “quality is first, credits top”, and has been working on bringing the advanced design concepts and high-quality products to the people.