E6C06 / Shanghai, China / Agent/ Contemporary furniture, Custom furniture

Expocasa Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, specializing in the distribution of European high-end furniture brands. As a veteran dealer of imported goods, we have moved forward to a new phase in 2015, launching a series of original brands.

FABIO FAN is a cross-cultrual collaboration between Italian designer Fabrizio Carloncelli and Chinese designer Tim Wang. This Italian-Chinese parntership adopts a perspective that transcends borders, producing designs that represent a true harmony of Western and Eastern elements. Tang Tang is the brainchild of Malaysian designer Philip Yap. His background as an ethnic Chinese raised in a multicultural country has enabled him to create authentic designs from a unique lens that sees the fresh in the familiar. Philip Yap believes in designs that produce a sense of luxury, yet is not devoid of human warmth and touch.