China Furniture Product Innovation Awards

Organized by China National Furniture Association and UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co.Ltd, China Furniture Design Awards had been successfully held for 15 years. In 2014, its name has been altered to China Furniture Product Innovation Awards.

Through this award, it has effectively promote the formation of China's furniture industry design innovation, enable new designers to show talents, and play a key role in encouraging enterprises to realize innovation for nineteen years. "China Furniture Product Innovation Award" is a comprehensive evaluation award, which focuses on the following four aspects: appearance design, functional structure design, process manufacturing and material innovation, and a more complete definition of "furniture design" as a basic feature of an industrial product.

It is more enterprise-oriented in innovation design, making adjustments to itself based on product changes. This year, altogether 9 awards set up on living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, kids furniture, outdoor furniture, study-room furniture, home accessories, overall furniture customization and booth design.

As for the judges, the award organize- Design Council of China National Furniture Association will gather university scholars, organization leaders and other professional scholars that are all experts in furniture industry to be the judges.
Living Room Furniture
Dining Room Furniture
Bedroom Furniture
Kids Furniture
Outdoor Furniture
Study-room Furniture
Home Accessories
Overall Furniture Customization
Booth Design
Official website
Deadline for Submission
August 24, 2018
Xiangyu Cui (Mr.)
021-3339 2426
The Jury
President: Chen Baoguang
Deputy Director of CNFA

Juror: He Hongyi
Executive Vice Secretary-General of China Consulting Association

Juror: Xu Baiming

Juror: Wu Zhihui
Dean of Nanjing Forestry University

Juror: Chen Yushu
Professor of Nanjing Forestry University

Juror: Liu Xiaohong
Professor of Shunde Polytechnic

Juror: Gao Yang
Associate Professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts
Juror: Liu Wenjin
Professor of Central South University of Forestry and Technology
Juror: Zhang Yachi
Professor of Beijing Forestry University

Juror: Zhang Fan
Professor of Beijing Forestry University

2017 Winner List
Part 1: Living Room
Silver: LANDWOOD - Tearoom 'Yiyi'
Silver: XINZUO - Living room set
Bronze: Coomo Furnishing
Bronze: NORYA
Bronze: ROOY
Part 2: Dining Room
Gold: hc28 - ZADIG
Silver: QUMEI
Bronze: Sinfonia Furnishing - Dragonfly
Bronze: Zsmartdesign - Vecto chair
Bronze: s-studio - Long table
Part 3: Bedroom
Gold: City. W
Silver: Yabao Furniture
Silver: grado - Clothes tree 'Campfire'
Bronze: Langfang Forward
Bronze: Zii Home - Screen with clothes stand
Bronze: URBANCRAFT - Dowry
Part 4: Children Furniture
Gold: Goo Design
Silver: Langfang Forward - Bed 'Space shuttle'
Silver: ShangXing - Milk Cabinet
Part 5: Outdoor Furniture
Silver: Kun Design - Fatty Sofa
Silver: MINDO - Rio
Bronze: GRAND CHANG WEI - Duke Sofa Set
Bronze: Dynamic Home - Geometry
Part 6: Study room
Gold: Roling
Silver: PHQ Office Furniture - CUCKOO
Bronze: DEEP GREEN DESIGN - Dakota desk
Bronze: Hongfeng Art
Bronze: SuJian
Part 7: Home Furnishing
Gold: Senchuan Furniture - Storage shelf
Silver: Xiang Fu Crafts
Silver: Jiu Shen
Bronze: GeYan Art&Design
Bronze: XINZUO
Part 8: Booth Design
Gold: Zhong Shen Ai Di
Silver: Senchuan Furniture
Silver: Roling
Bronze: Home House Furniture


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