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Reach Decision makers
Management/Decision maker 55.05%
Sales Dept. 11.86%
MKT Dept. 5.24%
Purchase Dept. 12.67%
Design Dept. 10.98%
Project Dept. 2.60%
Explore the wide local market
Increasing purchasing power of Chinese furniture market
As HKTDC research mentioned, China is a large scaled furniture consumption market of more than 36 billion dollars with a year-on-year growing rate of 16.1%. Even though, it has still vast room for expansion.
Networking with buyers all across the world
15,077 visits by International visitors from 158 countries & regions
 Aisa 48.85%
 North America 12.08%
 Latin America 4.86%
 Africa 3.09%
 Europe 19.2%
 Oceania 8.77%
 Middle East 3.15%
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Exhibitor's Comments

L'Ameublement Français, the French furniture export group is exhibiting at Furniture China since 8 years. We are exhibiting with ten major French companies and we have booth over one thousand hundred square meters. It has been so important in the export development of whole company. Of course all the buyers from all over the world they are visiting Furniture China. But also the Chinese are more and more interested in importing furniture. We are coming here both for the Chinese market, and also to meet these international visitors. We are very pleased because the fair seems to improve the product, improving every year. And it's really an international fair.

Mrs. Stephanie Roussin
International Project Manager, GEM

So we are happy to be here on the show Furniture China. It's already the sixth participation. So we start 6 years ago and you are growing every year with belgium group stand. And we participate here to meet a lot of international customers from worldwide. First of all, from Asia, Korea, Japan. Then the Middle East, Australia, America. So we are very satisfied with the level and quality of the visitors. And not only with the level but also with the business we can realize here. About the level of the fair, we think the level is progressing, going up year to year. Is becoming more international. It's very ok for this. So we think we are sure to be here again next year.

Mr. Bernard Deheegher
BelgoFurn, Export Director

We received an inexhaustible flow of visitors since yesterday and it's really crowded, which means a great achievement for Yang LiPing Art Furniture . Thanks to the big international city - Shanghai, as well as the well-organized exhibition.

Mr. Lin Yangxiao
Shenzhen Yang LiPing Art Furniture, Marketing Director

It has been the 10th participation in Furniture China. During these 10 years, we exhibited at Upholstery Furniture Hall at first, then we moved to Original Design Hall. We noticed that Furniture China is keeping improved and the organizers are focusing on promoting Chinese original design. I hope this show will present more new powers in the future.

Mrs. Sandy Wang
MICHAEL STRADS Office & Showroom, Operations Director

We exhibit at Furniture China every year, because the show is not only for domestic market but also has impressive influence on European, Middle East and South East Asian markets. So we will keep coming back to the show. The result this time is really adorable, we received plenty of overseas orders, including many orders from European and Middle East buyers.

Mrs. Luo Mao
Socolife Furniture Co., Ltd., Operations Director

This is the 15th time we are here. This exhibition gives us an excellent result to promote American research projects in furniture design and manufacturing. In this edition, we meet numerous new manufactures and designers. We are really pleased with it. It is a widely known exhibition in United States. This year we brought together 30 major companies to the show, and will be more for next year. We have great confidence in this show.

Mr. Chen Xizhen
American Hardwood Export Council (SEA & Greater China), Director

Furniture China is the biggest international furniture exhibition in China. The show brought us the clients from diverse countries, especially those new markets we barely touched before, like North America, Middle East and Africa. Now we met this part of clients at Furniture China. That is really helpful for us to expand international markets.

Mr. Zhang Zhenghua
Apricot Sofas, General Manager

The organizers have made impressive progress this year, including high-tech equipment introduction, security checks, crowd control and the whole show image. I believe that Furniture China will keep improving and will show us the difference and improvement every year.

Mr. Jason Lee