“Your Voice Matters!” Survey Campaign is closed.

The winner is: Ivan de la Sela Mexico

The winner’s exclusive prizes include:
Free round-trip flight to shanghai
2 complimentary hotel nights
Furniture China VIP card
Free catalogue
The Winning Submission:

Furniture China is a good experience for Furniture business in general. Some suggestions to improve:

1) improve web site (not easy to find easy to get confuse with the CIFF).

2) Missing a low entry price vendors

3) missing more KD vendors (knock down furniture Ikea type).

4) Maison Shanghai Nice addition but límite far in dates to the FCH and not too many vendors.

5) too much focus on traditional furniture, but lack of vendors of new generation products with 3 key elements: Smart furniture, space saving furniture, functional furniture.

6) the electric cart drivers have no manners and literally drive through people, because its not clear where the carts road goes.

7) in addition to show the designers section which is very interesting to see their proposals, you should add a section of 3 -5 house of the future special exhibition in the center of the patio, with innovative ideas showing how the new life is on a small space with furniture proposition for all house areas (living, kitchen, bedroom and bath) so buyers can find best selected product by you and then find the booth inside the fair.

8) improve food options including western basic food.

9) the check inn process not even you have your pre registration code its always a nightmare not easy line, people not trained and creates lots of confusion and delays for everyone.

10) taxi lane is not clear and creates confusion with particular cars getting in.

To all participants:

Thanks for sharing with us your experiences and kind suggestions! Your feedback is important to us.
We’ll seriously consider your suggestions to improve show services and give you the ultimate visiting experience!

12-15 September, SNIEC, Pudong.

“Your Voice Matters!” Board

Hello! We are from South of Russia. Suggestion what improve: connection WI-FI for forein mobiles, and organization transport at evenings after 18hours. We were all day at the Fair, till 18:00. It was big problem take car to our hotel.

IULIIA, Russia

I think you will help about visas for visitors as invites and documents for embassy or consulates. After that your help they visit the fair more and more.

Emre Barışman, Turkey

I've enjoyed Furniture China in the past - good product, good services. Would enjoy better wifi/food/coffee/services, as always :)

Mark, South Africa

I am coming to shanghai from last two years for furniture, Furniture china is very helpful for me to learn new design trends and its connect me with many new vendor and furniture manufacture. I would like to says thank you so much furniture china this years also i will come to meet you.

Pradeep Kumar, India