E7E36 / Guangzhou, China / Manufacturer/ Contemporary furniture

Our brand name tells part of the story: United Strangers. The original idea for this company was to be unique, to think differently and create our own world, where everyone is welcomed to come in and share. We pulled together people from all around the world and from all ages to create this exclusive design style. From New Zealand to France, USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Korea and China, we are all different and this is why we can provide a unique design perspective; all our experiences are drawn together to create this unity. We are constantly searching across horizons and cultures to collaborate on our designs. Our team is excited for more people to join our community and live the design experience with “US”. Everyone walks a different path. We are essentially strangers but sometimes those paths lead us to unite and make beautiful products, and this is what we are excited about.




Living room

Living room 2