E7D36 / Tianjin, China / Manufacturer/ Contemporary furniture

Mexarts Home, the sub-brand of Mexarts, is an international high-end interior design brand with itsself-owned brands and top class global furniture brands.As a Chinese company with growing ventures abroad, Mexarts Home has gained profound experiencesand a global view from the international market with a team of top designers, craftsmen, and service specialists. Mexarts Home provides omni-bearing solutions and a modern international lifestyle with simplicity, elegance and art for customers.

In the past four years, Mexarts Home has created 92 patents of new products and registered the trademark in 8 countries. Currently it has more than 13 stores in major cities of China and its products are sold to more than 15 overseas markets , such as Europe countries &Japan. Mexarts Home has been considered to be the leading brand for high-quality furniture and new life style.


The dining table has a free exposedstructure, which elegantly stands on the ground as a big animated structure.
The big tapered legs are based on the same iconic legs in the chairs but just sized up to a more dominant structure.

Sweet landscape with typical Tuscany trees inspired this collection.
A seating collection with a thousand faces A synthesis of elegance and quality, built for everyday wear and tear, and very user-friendly,
the Viola collection reaches new heights of versatility.

Astoria also satisfies design, functionality, and customization, is a customizable video-wall system.
Astoria includes the background wall, LED lights, horizontal glass cabinets, five shelves, partitions, stents and other components.
Users can choose and combine as needed, showing different effects according to users' taste.

Pebble Beach
The chair is low and with some dynamic forward moving lines
and the design combines in a nice way the classic Danish design from the 50ties with the modern fascination of cars and understated glamour.