E5D16 / Nanjing, China / Manufacturer/ Contemporary Furniture

Nanjing Jungle Brothers International Trade co., LTD. Was established on April 5, 2017 with a registered capital of 20 million RMB. We focus on rosewood solid wood furniture, featured with density, hardness is one of the world’s second global Solomon rosewood (TUBI) as material, new Chinese furniture with fine workmanship and features of Ming and Qing dynasties and modern simplicity. The new Chinese furniture under the company’s industry adopts the Chinese classic mortise and mortise technology. One piece of furniture is completed within 150 days through six major processes, such as cutting materials, woodworking, carving, scraping, grinding, surface painting and assembly. Inheritance classical Ming and Qing dynasties the shape of the furniture of this company, combined with the contemporary and contracted aesthetic concept and comfort requirements, with human body engineering, make hundreds of classical rosewood new Chinese style furniture products, welcome from all walks of life to visit, choose and buy.