Lacasa (Beijing)

E7E12 / Beijing, China / Manufacturer/ Contemporary Furniture

DREAM HOME, Achieving global consumer’s dream home lifestyle

Lacasa (Beijing) International Home Co., Ltd. headquartered in Beijing, gathers many high-end home furnishing brands in the world, including original design brands La Casa and La Diva, as well as international top home furnishing brands Cosabella, AMH, Theodore Alexander, etc. And it has more than 100 stores covering more than 50 first-tier and second-tier cities across the country.


The operating items include furniture, decorations, lamps, aromatherapy and other household products, which provide personalized international household solutions and considerate services such as installation and maintenance.


Apart from abundant product integration, La Casa International also has a professional team of designers and a design service system. It not only maintains close strategic cooperation with internationally renowned designers such as Kelly Hoppen MBE, Martin Waller, Guo Pei, and Meng Ye, but also is supported for the dream home design service by “Martin Designer” gathering national avant-garde designers. They work together to help consumers create a dream home lifestyle around the world.