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Originated from the world’s top design, produced and developed based on the features of the Chinese furniture and specially designed for people with high standard in quality of life —Casual and luxury style only refers to Tanzuo Casa brand.

Tanzuo Casa brand is an international brand of modern casual and luxury furniture jointly developed by the international brand of Tanzuo Casa in Taiwan and the famous designers in Europe.

Tanzuo Casa brand earnestly completes every product with its new concept; its professional and mature operation system truly serve you,the distinguished customers; it is devoted to create a new trend of Chinese furniture.


The characteristics of Tanzuo Casa adopts the highest level of the first layer of cowhide, the technology is to mount the cowhide on the wood. The product's line looks very agile, leather’s soft feeling and color looks comfortable. In the clever design of the product, the sense of value and the style of its products are added to make it more concise to conform to the current market trend. The combination of leather and wood is the new pursuit of today’s new wealth. This desk represents the exquisite craftsmanship of Tanzuo Casa and its strict requirements for the details of the product, which focuses on both internal and external parts – it is the thing that Tanzuo Casa has been adhering to. Even the president will be more willing to enjoy doing office work at home.

Living room series
The living room combination fully presents the product style of Tanzuo Casa, which is more modern and concise. The leather details of the base are covered with a bag of sanding leather to cover the built-in solid wood high-density high-recovery sponge, making it comfortable to sit. The armrest is integrated with the backrest. The soft curved shape accentuates the delicate elegance. No matter three people, five people or lounge chairs, the proportion is even, comfortable and solemn. The color of the sofa is light, and the lounge chair adopts the same color, so that the whole space can be integrated.