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Threespine® is a patented award-winning click furniture technology by Välinge Innovation that enables furniture to be assembled in seconds without using any tools. All you need is your hands to click the furniture together. And you get perfect results
every time.

Better designs
Threespine is the only easy assembly method that provides a significant upgrade of flat pack furniture as we know it today. Threespine opens up ways to design flat pack furniture as if it were assembled in the factory. You can use very thin panels and easily connect them with, i.e. perfect miter joints. Other design features are the possibilities to eliminate all visible holes/connection fittings and to combine a wide range of materials in new innovative ways.

Improved strength and stability
With Threespine, the connection function is integrated in the furniture panels and thereby ensures that all panels are aligned in perfect angles. This, in turn, results in very stable furniture. Moreover, tests have shown that Threespine provides a connection up to 40% stronger than traditional assembly methods such as screw & dowel.

Suitable for high-volume production
Threespine has been optimized for high-volume production in through-feed machines such as edgebanders and profiling machines. However, the technology is just as suitable for production of customized products in CNC machines.

About Välinge Innovation
Välinge Innovation AB is a world leading R&D and IP company in the flooring & furniture industry. In 1994, Välinge pioneered the concept of glueless floorings assembled by mechanical locking.