E7C02 / Hangzhou, China / Manufacturer/ Contemporary

Brand Intro
Sureeco is a designer brand of home furnishing products collection shop operated with an international mode and advocating a new lifestyle. The design team led by Mr. Wu Zuoguang, the German Red Dot Industrial Design Prize 2009 winner, has convened a great many world famous designers and one of them is Mr. Sooshin Choi from the United States. Many of the Sureeco products are purchased throughout the world which are work of top designers. The design of Sureeco home furnishing products represents the power of fashion. Every Sureeco product is a piece of fine art which could be perfectly built into indoor space. Texture of natural grain of every raw material is kept by us to demonstrate its natural quality. Sureeco products originate from nature but superior to nature.


Over years, the casual-match of Chinese style and Western fashion has evolved the distinctive Sureeco style. Sureeco design team not only spare no efforts to improve the technology level of products, but strive to achieve the perfect combination of innovation, individualized design and excellent quality. The customers are provided with perfect solution for space organization and free and comfortable way of life.