E7D28 / Dongguan, China / Manufacturer/ Design Furniture

Dong Guan Mooyow Furniture Co., Ltd founded in the year of 2012, which is located in the “furniture capital” of Houjie town, Dongguan city.

The factory base is about 13,000 square meters, with an international professional product design team, integrating r&d, production and sales.

The company has more than 50 stores in China and has expanded overseas markets to Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, the Middle East, Europe, the United States and other countries.

Our products respect the theme of nature. Based on the harmony between man and nature, we find a healthy and comfortable life through the harmony between modern science and technology with natural wood. We always adhere to the design concept of “freedom/improvisation/harmony”. People and nature live in harmony and make steady progress.


R Line
The texture of wood is plain, with unvarnished roughness. Metal has the delicate temperament of lightness and hardness. There's a sharp contrast. In this living room, Gray color of Fabric, metal, wood combine together ,it's very naturally into the modern and a simple lifesyle.

The advanced high temperature carbonization technology makes the wood surface texture and color more warm and textured. The moisture content inside the wood is minimized. Avoid cracking and deformation, most importantly, the proper purification and filtration function of carbonization remain in the furniture.

A.S Line
Every piece of wood in nature has a unique texture and form, like the art of an individual life.Modern technology USES a variety of different materials to mass-produce beautiful consumer goods.

K line
Traditional crafts grinding, tenon buckle and so on, keep natural real texture and line trace.It give that furniture the original beauty of the warmth and warmth, a natural sense of instinct and comfort,This is an incomparable natural masterpiece.