Dongguan Mixia Furniture Co., Ltd., was founded in 2011, is located in Dalang Town, Dongguan City, next to Taiwan High-tech Park. Mr. Huang Shengtian, a designer from Taiwan, focuses on the comfort of Nordic classic and takes the elegance of Chinese Ming style furniture for inspiration. After years of tempering, he has created Mixia-1970 Nordic classic series, Mixia-Ruguo new Chinese-style series and Mixia-Ruyi modern series products. We are using North American ash wood, North American walnut, Indonesia Black Dalbergia as the base material,and coating with natural wood wax oil, no formaldehyde, no chemical paint. Retaining the original texture of solid wood, and smooth lines, applying the durable tenoning structure to make our products. The designs mixed Chinese and Western, 2 kinds of different arts and cultures from modern perspective, innovative and noble, concise but not simple. Creating a comfortable, environment-friendly, humanistic, fashion, tasteful home environment.

Official Website: www.mixiahome.com

3-seater Sofa - SF102351
2-seater Sofa - SF102221
Single sofa - SF102111
Coffee table - TC1010N7
Corner table - TE1010N7
3-seater Sofa - SF122351
2-seater Sofa - SF122231
Leisure chair - AC1101N1
Coffee table - TC1110N0
Accessory - storage stool
3-seater Sofa - SF120351
2-seater Sofa - SF120231
Leisure chair - AC1051N
Coffee table - TC1140N0
Accessory - wooden rocking horse
Dining Table - TD108850
Chair (left) - CH1201N1
Chair (right) - CH1271N1