MOTOSTUHL belongs to Shanghai Motostuhl Fumniture Co., Ltd., creating a new way of life ergonomic. MOTOSTUHL has five product sectors: Globe Concept ,Ergonomic Tech, Ergonomic Fitness, Ergonomics for Kids and E-Sports Concept. MOTOSTUHL’s full range of products have 205 design patents, MOTOSTUHL is committed to building a world-leading professional ergonomics brand.

MOTOSTUHL has always adhering to the “A new concept differs from traditional furnishing scenario for all consumer” business philosophy : Everyone is our audience because everyone needs ergonomics; Get rid of the limitations from the traditional furniture industry, and change the sales mode from “Sell in the furniture market” to “Sell in comprehensive Mall” — in the world of MOTOSTUHL, furniture is not only durable goods, but also a change which arouses the people’s desire for a better lifestyle.

Globe tree
E-sports concept