11- 22 September, 2023

About Furniture China Live

In 2022, Furnitrue China will launch the first live show, FURNITURE CHINA LIVE, to meet all aspects of trade needs of both buyers and suppliers.
The first FURNITURE CHINA LIVE will be held from November 23 to December 16, 2022, which is aimed to promote the business and trade connection of the global furniture industry.

What You Can Get

To visit and enjoy a 3D online exhibition with multiple plates and dimensions

Experience the power of classified searching, allowing you to pinpoint and connect with the exact exhibitors or products you desire. With our precise search functionality, you can effortlessly navigate through a vast selection and find your perfect match.

Seamlessly book meeting rooms and send direct invitations to buyers, breaking free from the constraints of time and space. Connect with ease and unlock endless possibilities for collaboration, all at your fingertips.

Stay informed about exhibitors’ latest product updates without leaving your home. Engage with exhibitors and their products through captivating live video displays, gaining a deeper and more intuitive understanding.

Our story


Seamlessly connect with a global network of buyers and suppliers in the furniture industry, enabling fruitful business collaborations and driving international trade.

Explore a diverse range of suppliers and forge valuable connections that propel your furniture business to new heights.

With Furniture China Live Show 2023, find your perfect business match and unlock limitless possibilities.

** This app is only available to those who have purchased a Premium Ticket.

Standard Ticket

Standard tickets can only be used to watch the Furniture China live show, and do not enjoy other privileges of premium tickets.

Premium Ticket

Book Meeting: 50 times Exchange Name Card: 100 times Brochure Download: 100 times
Match Making


High-quality Exhibitors & Products

To accurately find the exhibitors or products you want through classified searching

Digital Booth

An online virtual exhibition booth with the 3D models of exhibitors’ latest products. Visitors can View products from all angles and obtain the product information.

Online Matchmaking

To booking a meeting room online and send the meeting invitation directly to the exhibitors without the boundaries of time and space

Omnibearing Interactive Experience

It’s quite easy to find the button to create the connection with exhibitors to make the communication more convenient.


Real-time sharing onsite to experience the exhibition atomsphere and get the latest updates of exhibitors’ products without leaving home.

The Theatre

The video display of exhibitors or products helps you understand them more intuitively.