China’s earliest cut velvet fabric manufacturer, once the world’s top home textile brand RobertAlan’s main supplier of silk cut velvet. Domestically, it has very close cooperation and exchanges with Shanghai Shizun, Hong Kong Chengguang and other well-known design companies. At the same time, it also provides high quality sofa fabrics for many domestic brand sofa factories; currently it is the designated fabric supplier for international brands such as Creat&Barrel, Modshop in America and Eichholtz in Netherlands, etc. At present, the factory has a full set of dobby double rapier looms and finishing equipment imported from Germany worth 60 million yuan. Good at the production of various fiber fabrics such as silk, cotton, rayon, chemical etc. The fabrics has the characteristics of high abrasion resistance, high color fastness and can also meet customers’ other requirements for flame retardant and waterproofing.

Official website: www.flinterior.cn