The Color of Furniture

Date: 11-14 September, 2018
Location: E8B-D60, SNIEC

Home is where people live and where life resides,
And it is furniture that connects people, home and life.
This year, by “Decoding of Colors”,
we will start with “people” to explore the colors of furniture in our era,
and build the future trend leading colors of furniture design.


On September 13, 2017, The Color of Furniture was initiated at The 23th Furniture China, marking that “color” will become the new motivation of furniture industry in China, and sketch a broader and brighter market prospect for furniture products.

In 2018, we will introduce the concept of “Decoding of Colors”. Through one exhibition, one forum plus one report, we will explore how color plays an important role in furniture industry and its future prospect.

What You Can Find @ The Color of Furniture

One Exhibition

Focusing on famous furniture exhibitions around the world, we will decode trend of fashion colors and predict future trend of furniture color design that fully demonstrate distinctive Chinese features.
We will develop eight situational scenarios of living space for eight people to tell their stories in real life, which focuses on their unique colors represented by each of them, in and out of indoor scenarios. In demonstrating the theme – colors, visitors will experience an all-dimensional visual and audio interaction in various forms including sound, light and electricity, thus producing echo and starting exploring the relationship between real life and ideal life to find the charm of colors.

One Forum

The International Color Forum will build a platform for exchanges and interactions among designers, producers and researchers in related industries.
We will invite color experts and pioneers in the industry from home and abroad to deliver presentations and displays, so as to further integrate language of color with furniture design to a deeper level, and further build a sound indoor atmosphere that is rich in emotions, which displayed by various colors and thus, improve quality of design.

One Report

The report summarizes our observations, analysis, and research on current changes in color and lifestyle. Cooperating with global authoritative color agencies, we seek to build a world language for Chinese furniture design through “decoding of colors” and lead the future direction of furniture design attitude in China.