Yeswood is China’s leading wholesale solid wood furniture enterprise, guided by the ethos of “Making healthy furniture and creating a better life.” We are committed to improving the living environments of mass consumers by creating healthy, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective homes.

Yeswood’s business is fully vertically integrated. We are involved in the import and processing of logs, the design, manufacturing, and marketing of furniture and home products, the research, development, and innovation of process and paints technology and both online and offline retail.

By the end of 2020, there will be 200 new offline retail stores, bringing a better shopping experience straight to the doorstep of consumers.

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European beech
Y98R01 - Dining table
Cherry wood
Y17N01/Y17M01 - TV cabinet / Side cabinet
Y97D01 - Dressing table
Oak wood
S0317 - sofa