10-13 September, 2024
Pudong, Shanghai SNIEC

Expo History

Embryonic Form with A Dream Future

In 1993, the first session of Furniture China was jointly organized by China National Furniture Association and Shanghai Sinoexpo Int'l Exhibition Ltd. With tens of domestic exhibitors in a 3,000 m2 exhibition area, the exhibition was slightly immature at the moment as the embryonic form of Chinese furniture exhibition. However, it created the furniture exhibition mode first in China and was paving the development of global trading.


Rapid Growth Independent Organizing

Furniture China 1997, held in Shanghai Int'l Exhibition Centre and Shanghai Mart with the full support of furniture associations from all over the world, totally attracted over 400 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions in the exhibition area of 30,000 m2, which was ten times larger than that of the last session. The overseas high quality furniture with novel design were presented in front of the domestic public, which showed the first sign of internationalism.


Union of Titans Going International

Shanghai Sinoexpo Int'l Exhibition Ltd., cooperated with UBM Asia, the global business media organization, established the first sino-foreign cooperative enterprise, UBM Sinoexpo, in Shanghai.

The exhibition attracted 80 exhibitors from ltaly - the Kingdom of Furniture, in addition to many overseas exhibitors from Germany, France, USA, Spain and Belgium, etc. The active participation of domestic and overseas exhibitors directly resulted in the promotion of trade negotiations, bringing a trade turnover of RMB 2.289 billion andUSD 18.62 million for export orders amount and increasing influence of Furniture China in the worId.


Starting Export with Unprecedented Scale

In the first year of the 21st century, the exhibition prospectively proposed the idea of "Export Orientation", defined the exhibition brand concept integrating import, export and domestic sales and indicated the object of the exhibition and its future movement. The scale of Furniture China 2000 reached unprecedented 60,000 m2, marking a new level of the exhibition scale.


Brand New Image Leap-over Development

2In 2002, Furniture China displayed a brand new image with "New Start", "New Logo" and "New Hall". The international brand image and exhibiting halls enabled Furniture China to become the most representative international exhibition in China. In the newly completed Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Furniture China 2002 attracted over 800 exhibitors in the 80.000 m2 which created another new record.


Ten Years' Growing Famous In Asia

2004 is the 10th anniversary of Furniture China. In the year, the exhibition creatively cooperated with Yuexing Group the make the whole exhibition area reach 200,000 m2 and attract 1,153 domestic and overseas exhibitors and 59,118 visitors from home and abroad which broke the last record. After ten years' rapid growing, Furniture China has become the largest furniture exhibition in Asia.


Adhering to Innovation
Stepping into The Forefront

ln 2008, Furniture China launched new image, and a brand new mode, "Expo-Store", was firstly introduced to connect exhibition with sales directly, which was a rewarding attempt on the exhibition trade service extension. The exhibiting area reached 250,000 m2 and attracted 1,931 exhibitors from 22 countries and 58,582 visits. The scale can be ranked among the top three furniture exhibitions in the world, following High Point Market in USA and Salone Internationaledel Mobile di Milano of ltaly.


New for Old
A New Level

As the first year of the 2nd decade in the 21st century, Chinese furniture industry was facing the challenges as over-supply, labor cost rising and slow export growth. Mr. Changlin Zhu, the new Chairman of China National Furniture Association, took the lead and proposed the measures as interactive upstream and downstream sectors, combination of import and export, focusing on design and quality to promote whole industry level.


Advocating Original Design

In 2012, China was already the largest furniture producer and consumer in the world. However, the Chinese furniture design was not comparable with the international leading standards. Under the circumstance, Furniture China firstly promoted the original design into a new level and launched firstly the "Design Hall" which dedicated to promote the Chinese original design. Meanwhile, the "Design of Designers" (DOD) was launched, which extended the original design concept from brand to the designer, making 2012 into a true "Design Year" of the exhibition. The exhibition used complete halls of Shanghai New International Expo Centre, enabling it to be a world class furniture exhibition giant.


Design Life
New Transformation

Extending the wave of original design in 2012, the "Design" was still the main tone of the exhibition, with the "Design Hall" creating the unique life pattern with the brand new concept of "Lifestyle + Original Design". Design of Designers (DOD) also brought the latest works of 124 domestic designers, adding to the vitality of original design.

In 2013, the exhibition published new expo image, the "Kaleidoscope" which integrated multiple elements to form the unique visual symbols of the exhibition, presenting marvelously the relationships between the city, environment, design and the exhibition as well as the boundless collection and inclusiveness of the exhibition.


20 Wonderful Years Continue to Bloom

Furniture China 2014 was successfully concluded on 14 September, 2014, The exhibition promoted itself to a higher level and set Export, Domestic sales, High-end, design and fashion leading as the keywords of the exhibition.

Since the launching of "Original Design" in 2012, Furniture China has aimed at design as its future development direction and carried out actively to upgrade itself, dedicating to become an int'l top exhibition oriented by original design.


Harvest Wonderfulness in Pudong

At 15:00 on 12th September, the 21st China International Furniture Expo (Furniture China 2015) had a successful conclusion. In face of heated competition, Furniture China 2015 still achieved great success. The total no. of visits in four days broke the record, reached 101,888 from 163 countries & regions. During the four-day exhibition (9th – 12th September), the exhibitors received great orders and the variety of activities attracted a large number of visitors, making Furniture China become the annual prioritized platform for professional personages to explore the development and the future of furniture industry.

This year, with the quality-upgrading of both onsite venue and Shanghai Home Design Week, the organizer brought all the exhibitors and visitors a design feast of Furniture and Interior and a wonderful visiting experience.


Wonderful Success Again in Pudong

The four-day exhibition attracted buyers and visitors from more than 158 countries and regions all over the globe, receiving a total of 119,975 visits across the entire exhibition, up 17.75% compared to the statistics of last year.

The inaugural of Maison Shanghai held in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre received 24,372 visits . It was an unprecedented attempt of the industry in China, regardless of the size, number of visitors or exhibition content, and is successfully affirmed by professions in the industry as well.


Exhibition Scale & Visitor Figures Reached A New Height

Visitor entry counting from all gates break 151,588 in total during the whole exhibition period, the two fairs together hosting buyers and visitors from 155 countries and regions.

3 key words – High-end Manufacturing, Original Design and Lifestyle – highlight the perfect features of differentiated competition ,which has been recognized by professional media and experts.


For higher standard of furniture trading platform

In the year of 2018, Furniture China and Maison Shanghai continue seeking to build a better trading platform for furniture industry.

The total visits reached 166,479, showing a growth of 9.82% from last year, up to the record high. Among them, overseas visitor accounted for 13%, showing a total growth of 23.87% compared with last year.


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