How to get a Ticket for Furniture China?

CLICK HERE to complete your information to get the ticket (free before 11 August)

How to get more than 10 Tickets for a team in one time?

  • Complete the applicants’ information in the form attached Group Registration.xlsx (attached) . Group Registration.xlsx
  • Send the completed form to our official mailbox: FURregistration@imsinoexpo.com
  • Wait for our official staff to help you register and return your

How to change my personal information after receiving a ticket?

  • CLICK HERE to login registration page and find< My profile>. This is the link to help you find the page.
  • Edit the information that you want to change and submit it.

How to get an invitation letter?

What materials do I need to prepare for my Chinese visa application?

  • Chinese visa application requirements vary for different countries. Please find the detailed information about the requirements for your specific country on our website: MORE DETAILS.

**Attention: The information in this page is for reference only, please refer to your local visa center or embassy for the official application procedure.

How about Hotels recommended?

How about Airplane Ticket Discount ?

  • Click on our official website link: MORE DETAILS
  • Find the plane tickets’ discount information you need.
  • Book online directly .

How to change my entry/departure date on my invitation letter ?

  • Send an email to <Furniture@imsinoexpo.com>, specify your name, scanned copy of passport, and write down your entry/departure date in detail.
  • Our official staff will send your a new invitation letter with updated entry/departure dates within 2 business days.

What do I need to prepare for the Exhibition ?

  • Register First
  • An identity verification is required when you first arrive at the exhibition.
  • Business cards, to facilitate business communication and information exchange.
  • Some RMB cash, in case it is urgently needed.

Can children attend the show?

  • In principle, people under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter the exhibition halls. If you really need to bring children, they do not need to be registered, but you will need to sign a safety responsibility form in the entrance hall and are responsible for everything.

Where can I find details on the dates and location of Furniture China 2023?

Which exhibitors can I expect on Furniture China 2023?