10-13 September, 2024
SNIEC, Pudong, Shanghai


Brand Design


LESMO is a high-end Italian minimalist furniture developed in collaboration with renowned designers by Famu Home. It was officially launched in March 2019. LESMO’s minimalist style carries a solemn temperament, avant-garde yet elegant. With a keen sense of modern fashion and life, it adheres to the relentless pursuit of cutting-edge craftsmanship quality, and revolves around the simple and practical design concept of “less is more”. It is simple but not simple, with elegant color combinations, extremely simple line shapes, golden section design proportions, exquisite craftsmanship details, and high-quality selected materials. Compatible with personalized home decoration styles, catering to current trends and modern civilization development, with technology, humanities, and fashion elements as the core to “simplify complexity” and create a perfect and eternal modern home life aesthetic environment.

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Featured Exhibitors

International Trade

Beijing Jiading Carpet Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and is a professional carpet manufacturer and wholesaler that integrates design, research and development, production, domestic sales, and import and export trade. Intended to spread a new concept of spatial creativity and an interesting attitude towards life aesthetics to Chinese consumers, advocating a unique experience of experiencing creativity, appreciating design, discovering inspiration, and shopping. Jiading Carpet successfully registered a high-end carpet brand in Italy in 2010: Saint Mark SAINT MARCO. Set up a product research and development center at the headquarters in Beijing, and cooperate with well-known designers from both domestic and foreign fields such as France, the UK, and China. Through cross-border research and innovation, carpets can not only break through tradition and rejuvenate, but also become the finishing touch and artistic masterpiece in home furnishings.

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