Zhonglong Furniture

Bazhou city Zhonglong Furniture Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Zhonglong) is a developing fashion furniture brand company. The company now has two brands, Z-long furniture and X-yong furniture, with more than 200 styles, aiming at different market and customer demand, providing high-grade quality and best-selling quality products of different categories. Zhonglong is an export-oriented manufacturer whose products have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions. Zhonglong has been established for nearly 10 years. We take simple, fashionable, bright and colorful style as the design concept, production and sales of indoor and outdoor furniture products as our main line. Zhonglong furniture strives to let customers to feel nice of life . We have a production capacity of 3000 containers per year, we have a sales team that works with customers synchronously, we have professional production equipment and export service working group, we have professional testing instruments in the company. Strict quality control, reasonable pricing, efficient delivery, timely communication, professional service and after-sales support within 24 hours are the whole content of our management work. Zhonglong furniture is willing to be your professional manufacturer, we hope you can become our powerful sales team!Together, we can achieve a win-win market.

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