Tony Hsu founded DONJON in 1976, bringing his experience and passion for the manufacturing of stainless steel products.30 years passed,has a place in handcraft manufacture furniture.This is a story of an inheritance.
Born in Taiwan,Tony’s love for art and steel works brought DONJON to cooperate with many designers ,bilds facilities in Taiwan and China Professional on designs and produces stainless steel masterpiece. In 2006,DONJON is well-known by strength of design and high quality. Attracted many cooperation partners, Tony Hsu and Giancarlo Vegni gave birth to PHORMA that is high quality manufacturing of steel and leather meets then refined ltalian design. All PHORMA products are manufactured with unique and great care of the quality the ever marked any Donjon iem worldwide. Tony also doesn’ forge his beginning, alwas ries to help and support studentsin Taiwan Ming-Chung universiity product developingdepartment of furniture design. Giving them opportunities to make ideas come true and rise to prominence in international stage.
Masterpiece can be heirloom. Donjon insists using the best material, best quality control to produce best products.They can be tested by time and space.Every piece of DONJON product involves simple style, practical but decrease ecology impact.