Tonglu Craftsman Furniture

The company is located in Nanhai Town of Jiujiang City,Foshan.

The company is a production and sales of integrated enterprise. Mainly the production of modern livingroom furniture series, in the high-end consumer customers.

providing high- quality, innovative Living room furniture, to helo creater a concise fashion space.

Products form design, material to the production of the whole process has alwaysbeen the pursuit of art and whole process has alwys been the pursuit of art and fashion,

nature and environmental protection,simple and the perfect combination of comfrot, and its excellent quality, novel style and reasonable price,

best-selling all over the country and exported to southeast Asia, The Middle East and Europe and the United States,

by the majority of a show of strengh, the idea of experience management to create benefit”,

to create excellent brand image, aims to provide the best quality products and mostsatisfactory customer service to customers.