We are a factory. It has 40,000 square meters of industrial land to build our own workshop and five manufacturing workshop buildings (12 floors for practical use). We have about 300-500 people. We also have office building.

We have Research and Development Department, Quality Control Department, Product&Material Control Department, Administrative Department, Human Resource Department, Sales Department and Purchasing Department etc.

For materials : After cutting process, the materials are sent to the oven for drying at least about 7-9 days(for normal material). We have six ovens. (2)For the production: Our QC is required to monitor the wood moisture in each process; (3)Before packaging: ①Products are sent to the Condition Room where has 8 dehumidifiers and all windows and doors are kept closed. ②Our QC use the moisture test machine to test the moisture of each product. Take the dining table for example, 6 positions must be test for each dining table (4 for top,2 for base). The moisture must be kept below 12 degrees(except reclaimed boat wood and Beam wood ). If it is not up to the standard, it should be return to dry again. (4)In Packaging: The packaging drawings show that it is required to put 8-12 desiccants(10g/pc) into the carton. (5)In Container: It is required to put 8-14 desiccants(1kg/pc) into the container.