MT Ml is a home brand with nature as the core, with the values of purity, comfort and balance, upholding the simple, modern, Italian design style.

POESY focus on the meaning and background given by the story to the object, the emotional resonance to convey the brand emotion; with the form of writing break through the traditional product expression, from the sense of view and touch to bring more imagination to the product space; committed to understanding the raw materials, with accurate color control to reflect the requirements of quality, faithful to the balance of texture and elegance.
POESY carry the obsession for a better living space to capture the truemeaning of beauty from nature, three meals and four seasons, and worktogether with customers to give temperature and poetry to the home. Abetter living space, not in a distant place is not an extravagant hope thatthere is an optimal solution about beauty under every kind of budget.
POESY create the aesthetic space conception that matches with customerswith the original heart as the direction and quality as the top.