Anno 13 by TW-Home

CEO and founder, Olivier Ratinckx, took his first steps in the furniture business in 2001.
During his visit at the IMM Cologne Fair in January 2001, he got in touch with his future Chinese partner. This led to his first business trip to Beijing, where a new company – TW-Home – was born.

Originally, the name ‘’TW” was created as a reference to the initials of Oliver’s first Chinese partner, Mr. Tian Yu. As you can imagine, this became a running joke, as Olivier understood Mr. Wu.

In 2013, Olivier founded a new concept together with his wife Eva: “Anno 13 by TW-Home”.
This division and “trend” is specialized in the prospect of vintage models, which after adjustment – by using the outmost modern upholster technics – result into new, modern, fancy and trendy chairs fitting the current markets.

TW-Home has made his trademark of a constant quest for the most outstanding fabrics, bringing an extra dimension to existing and new models. Belgian Linen is not an exception.

Meanwhile, TW-Home has become a well known manufacturer, that has been providing and shipping furniture to middle and high-end customers all over the world.
With regard to the environment, certain models already have been FSC certified.

Nowadays TW-Home has 3 production facilities, the 350m2 showroom is located at our main factory in Tongxiang. This showroom is always up to date – presenting our newest designs and fabrics – and can be visited any time after appointment (with the head-office in Belgium), or during our annual “Home-show” which is held during the Shanghai fair in September. This is a tremendous opportunity to see all of our facilities and latest designs first hand.

Besides the staff in China : QC, technical department and customer reception, Tw- Home has two other offices: head office (situated in Belgium),  and the Canada/US office, run by Marco Van Dam.

We are at your service for all your questions and remarks.