COUTURE Jardin brand was founded in North America in 2009 by Mr. Normand Couture, a famous French Canadian designer also known as“Mr. Sofa’,to whom over 70 international awards have been given and surely more to follow.

After decades devoted to indoor furniture, Mr. Normand discovered a new passion: outdoor furniture designs. Today, his unique creativity translates very well his vision of beauty and comfort to make outdoor living a happier experience.

CJ products feature a unique blend of ‘’Europe meets America’’ easily understandable when looking at

DIVA, LOOP, FLEXI, CLUB, HUG and their other outdoor collections. The brilliant designs and elegant shapes, along with excellent craftmanship and unique fully waterproof fabrics are the essence of the brand. In a short time, COUTURE Jardin has become an emerging force among the world’s best outdoor furniture brands, thanks to its exclusive and stylish art of living. Now, COUTURE Jardin collections are sold in 76 countries around the world, including China, USA, Spain, Italy, Australia and more.

CJ is fully committed to offer the world a more relaxing outdoor lifestyle while meeting the high expectations of both residential and commercial projects.