Singapore Furniture Industries Council(SFIC)

The Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) is established since 1981 as the official representative body of Singapore’s furniture and furnishings industry. It has a membership of over 360 companies, spanning across five key industry clusters: furniture manufacturers, interior fit-out specialists, retailers, designers, as well as materials/ components/services providers.

Collectively, our industry players have a global footprint in over 80 countries to date. Currently, the council represents 95% of established furniture manufacturers in Singapore, of whom 65% have subsidiary manufacturing plants in various countries across the region, including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. As an aggregator and multiplier in the furniture eco-system, the SFIC’s vision is to position the Singapore furniture industry as the nexus of tomorrow’s work-life integration for sustainable urban living.

In essence, the industry aims to pursue the three key pillars of market agility, urbanite-centricity and enterprise adeptness to drive the industry further. SFIC’s priority initiatives include internationalisation, design development, business innovation, digitalisation and sustainability to enable members to stay future ready and competitive, while upgrading enterprise and human capital capabilities within the industry.

The SFIC also helms as the Chairman of the ASEAN Furniture Industries Council (AFIC), with the aim of further strengthening intra-ASEAN trade and its competitive advantage in the global market.