Alessanderx (MAGNIFLEX)

Magniflex was born in Tuscany, a land which has always been associated with art and ingenuity. With its stunning landscapes and rich natural environment, the region is an integral part of the Magniflex philosophy, which was inspired by the Tuscan residents and their love for a good life. In its own way, sleep is a form of art.

Over 55 years of experience in the industry has made Magniflex instantly recognizable as standing for excellence when it comes to quality mattresses. The Company operates in 99 international markets, with over 35 million customers, 4000 dealers, a wide range of more than 170 products and show rooms located in main cities all across the world. The perfect mattress does exist but it differs among each individual.

To choose the right mattress, we must consider our habits, the structure of our body and our comfort preferences. The possibilities are endless. That is why Magniflex always offers new, precious and elegant collections of mattresses, pillows and accessories that combine technology, tradition, attention to detail and craftsmanship to meet every need of its diversified clientele. Magniflex will be presenting two great new products at this year’s trade fair: – Maestro Dual 14, an exclusive mattress with an elegant and fancy design made of materials that are a perfect blend of nature and technology. The inner core features our Dual Core technology, a system that makes it possible to turn the inner layers upside down to achieve different levels of comfort.

The cores are also made of layers in Mallow, Memoform, Elioform, and Aquabreeze, a latest-generation material that is extremely flexible and breathable. The winter padding in Wool and Cashmere and the summer padding versions in linen and silk increase the mattress’ breathability and make it even more exclusive. – MagniStretch, which features a technology that Magniflex has patented in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Zaragoza, is the result of a complex set of ergonomic tests that have led us to develop a new concept of structure, one that can stretch the mattress in response to the body’s weight, thus boosting performance and increasing durability.

The special core with tilted sections exploits the pressure applied by the body to move from the lumbar spine to the cervix and from the spine down to the feet. This movement helps the back to stretch out and relax and expands the space between the vertebrae. The weight is therefore distributed more evenly, helping you release stress and ease muscle contraction. Even the ACA (American Chiropractic Association), the most representative trade association in our industry in the United States, has certified the beneficial effects of the MagniStretch mattress because of its ability to effectively stretch and relax the back.