GET TO KNOW US BY THORNAM is a Danish design company. We make bedroom furniture that aim to recharge your human batteries and dream big whether you are at home or in one of the many hotel rooms we are represented in worldwide. The bedroom is a place of refuge and intimacy. It is the place where you can read your favorite book, get inspired, listen to music, rest, sleep, dream and sometimes get breakfast served by the people you love. It is the place where you spend the most time in your life.

Our choice of materials, whether it is leather, fabric, wood or metal is meant to help you find inner peace, nourish your sleep and restore your energy. Simplicity, perfectionism and care of the environment are always our starting point. We work with the finest materials that will only become even more beautiful over time and last generations to come. A sense of detail and craftsmanship go hand in hand in our design- and production process. We do not cut corners or settle for compromises. We stay true to our DNA that is influenced by the principles of our Nordic design heritage. GET TO KNOW OUR QUEST FOR ´RO´ We were founded in 2016 by designer Mads Thornam who is very passionate about ´ro´. ´Ro´ is a Danish term, that very much like the Danish word ´hygge´ means a lot of things and most of all is a state of mind.

In English it means something like rest, inner peace, serenity and refuge. ´Ro´ is meant to give you time to reflect, rest and recharge. ´Ro´ gives everybody the ability to forget restrictions, be creative and dream big. It was the hunt for ´ro´ that gave Mads Thornam the idea to make bedroom furniture that helps people to get into this state of mind. The ability to get ´ro´, sleep and eventually recharge your human batteries is essential to a healthy lifestyle, side by side with exercising and eating a balanced diet.