Foshan EON Technology Industry Co., Ltd.

Company Profile of EON HOME EON HOME has always shouldered the lofty mission of “enjoy original nature”. It is a global diversified enterprise integrating raw materials, bedding, furniture, medical care and construction. There are six production bases and four R&D centers in the world (China, Southeast Asia, USA and Canada). It has not only established a “vertical integration” collaborative production model, but also set up international standard foam, mattress, fire prevention, medical and other types of laboratories, and obtained over 100 patents such as vacuum environmentally friendly foam, independent pocket spring mattress and medical comprehensive development. What’s more, EON has continuously realized the innovation and upgrade of bedding products, home products and even medical protective products, and fully explored the Industrial digital transformation. Besides, it has invested heavily to build the EONJOY Technology Industrial Park with an area of 430,000 square meters, which is backed by strong and powerful production capacity, and has achieved development through an international layout strategy. Its marketing services are spread all over the world, and it has won the title of “export champion” in Chinese bedding industry for many years. This has enhanced the value and influence of Chinese brands, and established an important position for the company in China.