Located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Aokuma Company is a furniture company specializing in the production of various types of medium and high-end leisure furniture series, and a leisure furniture company integrating creativity, fashion and life as the concept. After years of ups and downs, the company has opened up a world of its own in the domestic and foreign furniture market. With a unique style of design, creative furniture decoration techniques, and fashion-leading decorative thinking, the colors are bold and fashionable and very fresh and refined. It is synonymous with fashion and the creator of artistic life. The company introduces excellent production technology at home and abroad and good foreign high-quality production materials, and actively uses unique production methods to cooperate with its own design concepts and creative thinking. First-class technical content, unique furniture style, for the hustle and bustle of today’s city to provide a piece of furniture art from the heart and pleasing to the eye. Rhyme and one, meticulously crafted, fashionable peaks, ingenuity, sincerity for you.