Fupin Furniture

Huizhou Fupin Furniture Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2009 and expanded the scale of operation in January, 2020 by the president Mr. WenHui Cao. The occupancy is 12,000㎡ including office buildings, workshops and dormitories with staff nearly 200 employees and with capacity of 200 containers per month or, 200 thousand pcs per year.

Fupin Furniture has been dedicating in the production of high end upholstery including fabrics sofas, dining chairs, wooden tables and beds by original designs of chief designer and OEM as well with high reputation of strict quality control and services in Europe, Australia, Middle East and America.

All merchandises have passed Environmental Protection Administration Permie Standard and achieved as plant of zero polluction and, Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Report of Fupin Furniture (Sedex Audit Reference#ZAA600001214) has been performed and updated every year.

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