Ever since our company was founded more than 70 years ago, we have been committed to a high level of manufacturing based on our Quality First philosophy. Following our founder’s belief that one should take the road less traveled as opposed to the road more often travelled, we have strived to take on the challenge of blazing a new trail instead of following in the footsteps of others, and this corporate culture has been Karimoku’s foundation.

Receiving the bounty of nature such as trees, we have always aspired to create furniture that contributes to the enrichment of people’s lives, and this stance has never changed. Having inherited the accumulated know-how of its predecessors, Karimoku will remain true to its Quality First philosophy in creating the next generation of furniture that considers trees and people.

In addition to our product development capabilities, which are based on market trends and research findings from our exclusive information network, we boast outstanding manufacturing technology and quality control systems, a stable supply of materials, and sales/distribution that work in close coordination, all of which have enabled us to establish solid reliability as the leading domestic wooden furniture manufacturer. Making full use of our collective strength, we strive to offer comfortable interior spaces through furniture.

website: karimoku.com