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Home Upholstery

Home Upholstery Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of a complete range of upholstered home furniture, including leather and fabric sofas, as well as dining chairs, incliners and sofa beds. Renowned as one of Malaysia’s top Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) in the furniture market, Home Upholstery proudly holds a prominent position as a market leader, offering an impressive selection of advanced and diverse furniture models. Our superior-quality products are the result of vast experience, skill honing, and industry insights. Home Upholstery’s innovative designs cleverly combine selected materials like leather, metal, stainless steel, and wood. We create furniture that showcases the perfect blend of functionality and artistic elegance with our meticulous attention to detail and also our extensive range of options cater to various preferences. As a trusted manufacturer and exporter, Home Upholstery serves domestic and international markets across the worlds, including Australia, United States, Europe, Asia and etc. Our

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