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Founded in July 2002, J & C has been adhering to the pragmatic dedication, commitment ChangXun, today has set independent research and development, production and after-sales service as one of the famous furniture enterprises, in Europe have high visibility and good reputation. Group of companies headquartered international marketing center, research and development center and quality control center, more than 2000 square meters, product display, has 10 affiliated branches, all factory building area of 142000 square meters, more than 2000 technical and management personnel, sales more than 30-50% a year growth rate increases. J&C in entirely original spirit, adhere to the innovation design, and with top international famous designer team Mr. MICKAEL, MR KLAUS W.G OCKE worked with Italian furniture design company, every year for more than 100 new patent product of impressive performance, unanimously praised by Europe and the United Nations of the world’s top buyers and identity. Find more

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