10-13 September, 2024
SNIEC, Pudong, Shanghai


Contemporary Design


SIMPLE FASHION AESTHETIC CLASSIC The etemal life,let us use a life time of wait,to taste,everying is worth recalling beafutiful and charming fashion does not necessarily need to be complicated tailoring and design,because the most beautiful,elegant and beautiful. APPRECIATE THE WOLVES PRODUCTS With the creation of the world’s top luxury unique ingenuity and work to make every piece of wood wolf products,let the owner feel perfect life style. NOBLE CONNOTATIONEXTRAORDINARY OUALITY Extraordinary taste,filling in a touch of full of personality and noble perspective suddenly look back,the most beautiful but that faint flavor and excellent temperament.In the blending and collision of various thoughts,noble connotation,extraordinary quality,naturally detached. LUXURY MANSION HEABT GARDEN Simplicity is a back to basics ethereal,garden without must mansion,with a heart to understand the tasting,sit and watch the furniture in a room full to taste,there are elegant fashion you happy home.

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