10-13 September, 2024
SNIEC, Pudong, Shanghai


Brand Design


oriental culture. The rediscovery of ancient artisanal techniques and the interpretation of new stylistic trends. Delvis is a bridge joining two different worlds, a bridge between eastern and western cultures. Its story begins in 1984 in inland Venice, and its founder, Stefano Del Vecchio, also embodies a number of different passions and personalities: businessman, traveller, contemporary art buff, explorer of new markets and of new proposals developed for a selected audience. At the turn of the new millennium, during a trip to China, he was struck by the industrious nature of the local populations, the reflection of a centuries-old identity, and he embarked on a transfer not only of production, but of knowledge, bringing craftsmen and experts in precious materials with him from Italy. This was the birth of a one-of-a-kind collection: Delvis, Exclusive Italian Quality.

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