10-13 September, 2024
SNIEC, Pudong, Shanghai


Brand Design


For the past 26 years, Mr.Liao Shunnan, the founder of ARTSOME, to be always sourcing,in the perfect balance of the inspiration of the journey, keep walking.The inspiration ofARTSOME comes from the mysterious mixing of east and west,the new collision ofold and new, classicism and fashion of chic interweave.ARTSOME convinced that maintaining dialogue with the world is the most basic of furniture designthe ultimate link to more pursuit ofextraordinary lifestyle.For more than 20 years, only the purest way of production, is also the world’s mostexpensive process – pure handmade.For ARTSOME,every piece ofleather, every nail, every craft, to be all the keys to a living sofawith great artistic value. The pursuit ofthe ultimate technology,let ARTSOME have enough faith and strength, to be move forward.ARTSOME · made in China,createdin China,rootedinina,facing the world Ch.

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