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Coolist Life Technology Co., Ltd.

Coolist is a technologically innovative enterprise focusing on the development of Bio-based technology and application based on natural vegetable oils. Starting from the development of a series of applications based on natural vegetable oils, to the invention of temperature independent and hydrophilic foam in 2006, which achieved great reputation around the world. After changing and improving the quality and performance of memory foams, Mr.Kevin Lin lead Coolist R&D team in developing and upgrading the new generation of hydrophilic foams, and successfully invented a series of BioMate, BioLux, BioElite, CoolMate, BioLite, GeLux etc. in 2015. There are two grades of products available now: USDA/ EU/ JP/ DIN/ UL Bio certified grade & Non Certified grade ( Bio contained below 25% ) with many density grade available.The development of core technology shows the craftsman spirit and artistic culture. Coolist focus on technical innovation research, produce advanced environmentally friendly bedding, strategically cooperates with major

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