Located in the middle of the Anatolia region in the province of Kayseri, Turkey, IPEK Mobilya started its production activities in 1991, and has become – eversince – one of the Pioneer factories in terms of mass production and worldwide export of home furniture.

IPEK main Plant covers a total area of 100.000 m2, and contains a Daily staff of more than 330 workmen. On the other hand, IPAR – which is the brand market for IPEK Furniture – takes the responsability of exporting IPEK products into more than 27 countries in the World.

What do we manufacture and export ?
We manufacture and export all types of home furniture such as bedrooms, dining rooms and youngrooms, including the living components such as TV tables and coffee tables, as well as all kinds of sofasets, sofabeds, armchairs & corners. we can also make Project sofas that can be implemented in apartments and hotels